Yankee Campaign World

Blood and Rain

You wake to a dull thudding in your bed. The full Moon shines from your window, and shadowy silhouettes dart across the sky. Coming awake, you realize what is happening. Screams from the streets catch your attention, as do legions of bustling soldiers. A roar echoes through the night, and you realize that something is horribly wrong. Boston is home to the most proud Air Cavalry in the world, and they have a small but disciplined, elite group of soldiers, fiercely loyal to their city and nation. Ghosts, Mages, and so many other powerful magics and mindpowers dwell here, it seems impossible that Boston would fall under attack. An explosion about a block away breaks your silence. Everyone recognizes that spell- Fireball. Dozens more such infernos appear throughout the city. Wands, you think. Bostonians are well-educated in magic.

Suddenly, on the street below, you spot four creatures of vastly different sizes sneaking about together, and, as a moonbeam nearly catches one, you see a glimmer of steel…

Occupation of Boston

The party are all inhabitants or currently located in the Republic of Darroth’s capital, Boston. An army from Undhak has stormed through the Appalacia, and into Darroth. The city defenses have fallen, and the city dissolves into a war waged block by block.


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